Thursday, August 20, 2009

Swimming in Thickers!

...and I'm loving it!!! Just got my shipment of the new Thickers from CHA-S and I'm so excited! They are absolutely gorgeous and the pictures don't do them justice. But here's a few anyway:

These are the new Rocketeer font. We've got them in Powder and Black and they are so perfect for school or boy pages:

This is the new Nutmeg Glossy Thickers. This is a really gorgeous font. Also, a little smaller than regular Thickers. We've got them in the Spinach color you see here as well as white and black!

Love these! They are the Hocus Pocus Glitter Thickers. Here we have the shapes:

And the letters. We also have the letters in white. Shown here is rust:

Letterman Flocked:

This one is my absolute fave! They are smaller so perfect for cards or subtitles. We've got them in leaf, watermelon, white and black:

Daydream Foam Thickers are here in black chestnut caribbean and pumpkin:

This is the Caribbean color:

And, we can't forget foil Thickers for Christmas!!! This is pomegranate shown here but we also have a beautiful silver color:

I am so excited for all these letters! Who would have thought thick sticker letters would make me so happy??? If you would like to see more colors or order some of these beauties, head over to
***Spoiler Alert***
Those of you that get our kits each month, look for Rocketeer in September's and Hocus Pocus in October's!!!


  1. WOW! i have died and gone to heaven- THICKER heaven that is :)

  2. Oh my! I'm going to go broke when I come over in September!!

  3. might be worth a trip next week!

  4. Can't wait to check them out!