Friday, July 9, 2010


I love to add paper ruffles to my layouts and projects. With four growing girls in our home, most of my layouts have some form of "feminine" touch to them!

These ruffles are easy to make and add some dimension and fun to your layout.

Here are the different steps pictured together. We'll explain in detail....

First you cut your paper into 1 1/4" squares and score on both sides about 1/4" in. This does not have to be exact so just eyeball them and score each side. Fold both sides under.

If you would like a decorative edge use the design scissors on the edge after the sides are folded back. Here I used a pinky shears to give a jagged edge to the bottom. Then I ink the edges with a matching ink. Don't have to ink the top, it will not be seen.

Cut a strip of paper to be used as the top of the ruffles. Here I did ink the green pattern paper as well. Then you glue the ruffles to the back. Be sure you do not make them too far apart. You want to add a second layer to the back and not have any gaps.

Here is the view from the back as I was gluing the first layer.

Now you will add the second layer to back.

Here is the view from the back as I was gluing them. I also slide my second (back) up just slightly. This gives a more realistic look rather then them all being straight along the bottom edge.

I use a strong, fast drying glue to create the ruffles rather than tape. I've used Helmar, Fabri-Tac, and Beacon's craft adhesive in the past. They all work well. They are all similar to hot glue minus the hot and the bulking hot glue gun.

Here is another example of the ruffle design on a layout.

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