Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Photo Ops

Baby, it's cold outside!!

I don't know about all of you, but I don't take nearly as many pictures in winter as I do in spring, summer and fall. It's just too cold to get out there and do it!!

Manufacturers come out with such gorgeous winter papers and embellishments that are just begging to be used though!

Here's a list of some ideas that will definitely justify the NEED to buy those products!!

*Kids (or adults) sledding down hills
*Ice frozen on the tree branches
*Icicles hanging from a roof line
*Kids catching snowflakes with their tongues
*Winter boots all ligned up in a row
*Close up of a mug of hot chocolate
*Kids sipping their hot chocolate
*Close up of someone in their winter hats with their rosy cheeks
*People making snow angels
*Moonlight on the snow
*A lone cardinal in the snow
*Untouched snow scene
*Snow on plants
*Kids carrying their sleds up a hill, caught from the back
*A frozen pond
*Ice skating
*A pile of snow clothes on the floor after a full day of playing in the snow

Hope this gets you started!! Please post if you get any shots of these ideas!

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