Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Readers Rock

If you haven't visited the gallery at Scraptacular.com, then you missed out on some wonderful projects this month. I love to browse through the gallery and see what our forum members are doing creatively, and I picked my 5 favorites (which wasn't easy) to share with you today...

"Annie Sez".....by Arleen (aka Tinyterrors)

"Baby Blues" by Tina (aka cyberbumz)

"Happiness" by MaryAnne

"Sweet Aniticpation" by Julie M

"Stand by Me" by Val C. (aka twinsmommy)

Our thanks to those talented ladies for sharing their work with us. We'd love to see what YOU'VE been working on. Come and share your talents in our message board.

Visit our gallery for more inspiration!

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