Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Book Review journal

This is a project idea I have made several times over the years for gifts. I think it's a perfect idea for someone who loves to read and you can personalize each journal to the recipient or current crafty trends.
For this idea you start with a composition journal and craft on the covers. I used bright colors and created a flower batch with some cute owls looking above on this cover. I think it looks so fun!

For the inside I usually keep the design very simple, but I still cover the inside covers {and the back - no pictures of the back two}. The time consuming part is the stars....I like to use a star for the "rating" system, but it's only a single star. So I have to stamp each page 15 times! Yes, I do stamp every single page {only the front}. You could use any small stamp design for this....great way to personalize again. One trick that I do for lining up the stars without have to count down six lines every time...I figure out the spacing {usually six lines between each stamped row} and I stamp on a scrap piece of paper, then I slide the scrap paper behind the journal page making sure the first line is in place, then stamp on the three lines as seen through. It makes it a thoughtless process and then I can watch TV while I'm stamping away.

Another book review gift I made for my aunt....some fun Sassafrass all the ORANGE!

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