Thursday, April 15, 2010

Go out and have fun!!!

It's tax day!! Whether you've been stressing over how much you have to pay in or excited about how much you're getting back, it's all over now!! Today is the day!!

Perhaps you got a nice return and are splurging and buying that new camera you've been eyeing up!! Maybe your just thankful that it's all done!! I know I procrastinated this year and mine are in the mailbox to go right now!! What a relief!

Now get outside, celebrate and take some pictures!!

Here are some photo ops to take advantage of:

* portrait of pet
* kids upside down on monkey bars or jumping on a trampoline
* close up of flowers in full bloom
* couple sitting on a park bench
* bees sucking nectar from a flower
* child soaring high on a swing
* local wildlife, insects, birds
* ducks on a pond
* favorite outdoor plants
* children climing trees
* children holding an umbrella in a light rain

Now that you've taken the pictures, scrap them!! There are a ton of new products just in the store that would be perfect for these photos!!

Here is a layout I did of my kids on a tire swing. I just can't get enough action pictures of the kids on swings!!

Have a great day and happy snappin'!!

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